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Forced labor

At the roll call each morning, prisoners were assigned with work. Inside the camp they had to build plank beds, tables and benches, to clean the buildings and yard, to mend the shoes and clothing of inmates, and to complete small structural changes to the camp itself.

The tasks assigned to the outdoor working groups varied considerably. Local National Socialists, headed by camp commandant Karl d'Angelo, profited from the deployment of “free" labour. For example, some prisoners in “protective custody" were sent to help with the harvest in surrounding fields and gardens.

Karl d'Angelo forced the prisoners to manufacture a copper table top for his private apartment, repair and maintain his private car and also renovate his flat. He also ordered a prisoner to work in his sister’s garden.

He employed a large numbers of prisoners at his print office. The leaders of the Nazi party in Worms and the surrounding district also made use of the unpaid prisoner labor. For example, a work party had to complete building and plastering work at the Nazi party's district headquarters in Worms.

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